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The Grace Card || Marissa Dodgen

Grace. We hear it all the time: Amazing Grace, #grace, grace & coffee, give them grace, etc. But what is grace? Grace is getting what we don’t deserve, not in a spoiled way, but in an “I love you so deeply, here’s what you didn’t earn with works, actions, or words” kind of way. For us, the ultimate example […]

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Depleted || Marissa Dodgen

Parenthood is in total contrast to the way I am wired. I need alone time: They are always around. I like control, order, & quiet: They are 3 & 5, there is nothing controlled, in order, or quiet about them. I like people to be respectful & kind: well, again, 3 & 5. You don’t […]

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Loved Like A Doll || Keisha Hill

When I was a little girl, I adored baby dolls. At one point I had twenty-seven “babies”. They each had their own bed lovingly crafted out of shoe boxes. Grandma gave me scraps of fabric for their pillows and blankets. Of course babies who were so well cared for had individual names…mine were all named […]

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