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I love this blog. I debuted this blog in the spring of 2013. It holds a special place for me because it was the first real investment I made in my blogging career- or hopes of a blogging career. Since that time though, life has changed & my focus has changed. With that change, I have tried to figure out exactly what I want to use this blog for. Photography & Food? Photography only? What?

I have gone through transisitons with this blog. This past fall, I was converting it to a food & photography & allergy & health blog. Bascially a lifestyle blog. For whatever reason though that just didn’t seem to fit the direction I wanted to go. I couldn’t get it all together. Too many directions to head in one actual direction I guess. So I just thought about it…hmmmmm, how to use this resource? 

I do my best thinking in the car & started thinking one day about who I am, what I am, what I represent, who I represent, while on my way to pick up my 3 year old from a sleepover at Granny & Papa’s house. What am I outside of wife & mom? Well, I’m a photographer- check! I am a foodie/food blogger/allergy mom/hope-to-be-cookbook writer- check! I am a business woman- check! 

That led me into thinking about business & how I totally geek out about business stuff. Thank goodness I went to business school & dove into my love head first. That led me to thinking about how every since I was young (I’m talking 6 years old people), I wanted to work in an office. But not just any office. I wanted the corner office. I didn’t know what I wanted to do from that corner office but I wanted to work from that corner office. Little did I know that “corner office” dream would translate more to a “office in a corner” reality—-reference picture below….

Reinventing The Corner Office- Office In A Corner

(and it isn’t so pretty right now, but i am working on that, so stay with me)

But alas, this is where God has me. This is the office he meant for me. I have a view out the window looking at a beautiful set of trees…

view out the window

I even have my own kitchen down the hall. It truly is the corner office! My corner office!


So with that in mind, I started thinking, I along with thousands of other woman are recreating what it means to have a corner office. Woman (and men) who work from home. Some run small businesses or blogs from home (ahem). Some run multi-million dollar corporations from home. It’s kind cool when you think about how the definititon of business & success is ever evolving especially in today’s culture where…..

wait, hold that thought.___________________________. sorry had to put the laundry in the dryer…

… & devices have made it entirely possbile to build an empire without ever stepping foot in an empire! Kinda cool don’t you think?!


So, please excuse my mess & slight disorganization as I convert my former food, photography, lifestyle, I don’t know what step to take next blog, into a blog that truly respresents who & what I am. 

Photographer of families & littles.

Foodie- creator of recipes & beautiful food photos.

Business woman, who is changing her own view of the corner office.


Lots of love & thanks,


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