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I have talked a few times about the process of this blog (here & here) evolving into what it is meant to be. Blogging is an ever-changing process, because blogging is intensely personal to the person writing it. For me those intensely personal things are food as related to food allergies, toxicity as related to respiratory & skin issues as well as food, & my faith. I have become incredibly passionate about ways to make my kitchen & my home a less toxic [ie safer place for my kids] & that was where this blog started back in March; but then, God took me a little further into my calling this summer by calling me into a life of ministry. Food. Cleaning. The Bible. How in the world was I supposed to blend all of those things into one blog?

blending a blog: brainstorming

I knew I wanted to continue to write about food. I knew I still wanted to educate people on less toxic ways of living. I knew I had this huge calling on my life to encourage & do life beside other wives & moms, just women in general. So now I had this multifaceted idea & absolutely no clue how to make it all work together. 

While brainstorming for a blogging challenge later this fall the words life, toxic, & cultivating popped into my head. As I took those words a little deeper, I realized this series I was planning was actually a perfect conglomerate of my blog. [Thank you Lord Jesus for a little more clarity; I was beginning to wonder there]

Cultivate: to promote the growth of, by labor or attention; to develop or improve by education or training; to promote the growth or development of; foster; to devote oneself 

Toxic: of, pertaining to, affected with or caused by a toxin or poison

Life: a corresponding state, existence, or principle of existence conceived of as belonging to the soul; the general or universal condition of human existence

[I like definitions & using words correctly, so thank you for existing]

So here’s the new mission of HFL…

Cultivating a healthier & stronger life, home, & faith through encouragement & education

That is exactly what Honey Flavored Lemonade is. I started this as a way to connect with & educate families through my own experiences on how to live healthier in their homes & in their kitchens. I am incredibly passionate about doing life with other wives & moms too.  So much of a mom’s life is spent in the home & in the kitchen & the heart of many homes is the kitchen. The hard conversations happen over cups of coffee in the home, so it is a pretty important place to make healthier & stronger. By starting at home whether it is our food, our air, & especially our faith it will blend into all areas of our life. Join me on this mission…I would love to have you. 


PS: as always join me over on Instagram, that is the main social site for HFL. 



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