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I was the mom that made my son’s food, so when my daughter was born it was no different….with one exception. She is almost allergen free. She does get cow’s milk & wheat (but she doesn’t get that too often). She is all organic with very few exceptions & I have tried to limit her top 8 intake just because of the history with her brother. Just like it is hard to feed a kid, especially a kid with food allergies; it can be equally as difficult to feed a baby or toddler whole foods. So in conjuction with the Kid Lunches series that I do here, I will also do a Toddler Food series. 


Toddler Food series- Honey Flavored Lemonade

Today for lunch she had 3.5 oz of Toddler formula -She turns one tomorrow {{sniffles}}- & 3.5 oz of milk which we just started doing that over the weekend, a banana, & half of an avacado. I have noticed with her that she will devour food until she starts to feel full or satisfied with the food portion. At that point she starts to slow down & play…aka make a big ol’ mess. Then it time to clean her up & get some milk. This is a very good example of how she eats. This morning she had whole grain cereal with a scoop of immunity powder from Honest & a few tablespoons of applesauce. I try hard not to feed her the same thing all day long, today so far I have succeeded. 

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