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If you have been a reader here for a while, even just a few weeks, you have probably seen Emily Ley Paper (Simplified Planner & Grace Not Perfection) or Cultivate What Matters (Lara Casey or Powersheets) mentioned. There’s a few reasons we mention them so much around here. The first, and most important reason, is that we support them as companies. We stand beside them in their values & what their companies stand for. Both companies & the women behind them are the major inspirations behind HFL becoming a team. The second reason is that we are an affiliate company of both.

Q: Affiliate? What’s that?

A: When we mention them here or order products or give someone a link to their shop, we give out an affiliate link. That is a link that goes through a shopping site & by you, the shopper, going through that link, we get a small percentage of the sale as a affiliate.

Q: Oh…so you are paid by them to promote their products?

A: Well, yes & no. Yes – if one of you amazing readers orders a product through a link we post here on the site, we will get a small percentage of the sale. So, yes, we are paid when you purchase through one of our links. But no – neither Emily Ley Paper or Cultivate What Matters contacted us & asked us to sell their products through our site. I have been a customer for both companies since last year. I stumbled across both affiliate programs one day while I was searching on their site. I applied because I figured, “Hey, if I am already talking about them & posting about their stuff, maybe I could make a small commission or get free products. That would be pretty cool.”

So while yes, we do get paid to promote their products, we do not promote their products because we get paid to do so. HFL supports our affiliate companies because we believe in their products & believe in the company as a whole

Q: What does that mean for us [your readers]?

A: If you purchase a Emily Ley Paper product or a Cultivate What Matters product, please use our link. For every single sale, regardless of price, that is made through our posted links we will make a small percentage of that back. That percentage is one of the ways HFL makes money. We don’t consider ourselves a “company” or “business.” We are a ministry. That means our profit margins are very small – or basically non-existent. As of right now, all of our team members are volunteering to be part of HFL. No one gets paid per post or takes home a paycheck, but we hope to change that. Our hope is to provide compensation for all of our team members & contributors, & as anyone who is involved in ministry knows, they do not tend to be very “profitable.” So by you, our amazing community, clicking & purchasing through any link we post you help provide for our team & further our ability to do ministry.

So there it is. Complete transparency.


Love, Hugs, & Heart Eyes,

Marissa Dodgen|| Founder || Honey Flavored Lemoande

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