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During the holidays bloggers, websites, & morning shows gather some of their favorite products & create gift guides, these guides & features are some of my favorites because you learn about products you probably never would have found yourself. This past Christmas season while perusing some blogs, I was inspired to share, a couple of Fridays a month, my favorite things from that week. It could be actual products or just moments from the week. We can get so overwhelmed in this world with bad news & I thought it would be nice to take a moment & be thankful & celebrate the small things…or the big ones too. So here’s the first round of Friday Favs:

1: Boom Chicka Pop– Sweet & SaltyBoom Chick Pop: Friday Favs

This stuff is the-bomb-dot-com. I have heard about it but never tried it. Last week, I grabbed some from Costco for my son’s snack [he has to keep special snacks at MDO because of his food allergies]. I tried some & was crazy in love. It’s the perfect combination of sweet & salty…more sweet than salty though & more caramel flavor than sugar, which is my complaint with regular kettle corn. PLUS it is a non-GMO brand which is a big deal to me.


2: Simplified Planner by Emily Ley

Simplfied Planner- Friday Favs

I love this planner. I told a friend yesterday that this is so much more than a planner. I feel so goofy when I say that, but it is so true. I feel organized because there is actually enough space to write stuff (big shocker that a planner would actually need space- I’ll mop of the sarcasm later) & it is big enough to clip things to without having to fold the item into small pieces. It is pretty too- I like that part. This print is called Happy Stripe. I know the Emily Ley website is sold out of the planners, but many retailers around the country probably have some in stock & may be willing to ship.


3: The February edition of Better Homes & Gardens:

Friday Favs: BHG

I get BHG every month, but I this particular issue just made my day.The cover story on Jessica Alba peaked my interest [no secret here that I am a big fan of Honey Company], but this article in particular stuck out to me; there are a ton of tips & encouragements for small business owners or just the woman chasing her dreams & stories of other women who have chased theirs as well. Highly, highly recommended.

So there you go, our first edition of Friday Favs. I would LOVE for you to join in & share some of your favs as well. Use the hashtag #HFLfridayfavs & share your pick or picks on Instagram.

Marissa Dodgen of Honey Flavored Lemonade


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