About HFL

Our desire at Honey Flavored Lemonade is to create true community through the ups & downs & the joys & struggles of life, because life is better when we do it together. God did not call us to be solitary souls. If that had been the case, He would not have created Eve for Adam. In Genesis 2:18 God says “it is not good for man to be alone”. From the very beginning of time, God created humans to be relational. Look at Jesus: even He didn’t do ministry all by Himself. In Matthew 4:19, He called his first disciples. If even Jesus did life with others, so should we.

Our hope at HFL is that this will be a place that you can come to & feel community. We hope you’ll join us for Mondays full of biblical & applicable truth, or Wednesdays filled with encouragement & inspiration, or Fridays that are just for fun. HFL is a community, with only a few rules:

1. We are all created by God & all of God’s children are special & valued.

2. We keep it real – whether that is our messy kitchen counters or a year-long battle of life, no fake smiles or “fine” allowed.

3. Everything we do & say is 100% in line with biblical truth.

So who is HFL? Well let’s meet the team:




Thank you for taking the time to meet the HFL team. We are so excited to go on this journey with you. If there is every anything you need prayer for or you have a question, request, or comment, please email us at info@honeyflavoredlemonade.com. We look forward to doing life with you & please don’t forget to connect with HFL on Instagram because we are a fun group of ladies to be friends with!