About HFL

In 2012, Marissa’s son was diagnosed with life-threatening food allergies. She felt a tug on her heart to share her struggle with others & turn a really sour situation into an oppurtunity to learn, as well as educate & create community. One evening in 2015, God laid Honey Flavored Lemonade on her heart. Taking the lemons that life hands us all & making them sweeter by adding in a bit of honey…the word of God specifically.

The blog evolved from a food allergy/personal blog to a community as she began to see a major shift in her relationship with Christ & the word of God. As she dug into the words & widsom of the bible, she began to see the community around her pleading for depth in their own study, but also an honesty about what a relationship with Christ really is. HFL really started as a social media sharing of her morning quiet times with the hashtag #frontporchtruths, but continued to grow as blog because their wasn’t quite enough room on social medis for all she desired to share.

The team expanded to include founding team members Jessica Bolyard, Keisha Hill, & Erika Harmon in 2017. As the team began to bond & write together, a natural shift in the posts took place as God lead them. What started as topical & personal blog posts, began to shift direction toward teaching bible literacy & application & sharing with others how to live a life daily grounded in the Word, as well as knowing & understanding that each of us are called, equipped, & treasured in our lives & the call that God has placed on each of us.

The team continues to grow as it will add multiple guest contributors in the fall of 2017 & the ministry will continue to grow as HFL produces its first written study in 2018. But until then, take a moment & meet the current team members of HFL.



Thank you for taking the time to meet the HFL team. We are so excited to go on this journey with you. If there is every anything you need prayer for or you have a question, request, or comment, please email us at info@honeyflavoredlemonade.com. We look forward to doing life with you & please don’t forget to connect with HFL on Instagram because we are a fun group of ladies to be friends with!