A Tool Of Connection || Marissa Dodgen

I used to think that in order to truly love something that wasn’t a person, it meant I had to do it professionally. The definition of a professional is someone who gets paid for something. So that means, I have started a lot of businesses & worked in quiet a few different industries. From a young age, God just designed me to be passionate about things. I was all in or not in. There was no half way for me. But, as I have gotten older & started to mature in my walk with Christ & now as I look at high school & college age kids & those entering into adulthood & as HFL has started to reach people, The Lord has been teaching me something…

Sometimes being passionate about something doesn’t mean it has to be a profession or is your calling. Sometimes being passionate about something is a tool God has given you to connect with people you may have not connected with otherwise. I mean think about it…your hobbies connect you with people who may not go to your church. What you are interested in & spend a lot of time doing, will introduce you people who you don’t work with. That thing you do every weekend because more than a week without it is just too much, allows you to cross the path of someone who may not even live in your town. Jesus has given us so many paths to take & we have been so uniquely designed with interests & personalities & abilities & those things attract others & allow us to show others Jesus.

Now I see those things of interest not as a oppurtunity for another business, but an opportunity to connect with people & show them Jesus even if it is just in the way I speak to them & relate to them. Now, I’m not saying I always do that well, but I try to remember as I do things & as I meet new people, that Jesus met people as they were just doing life.

  • The women at the well- she was just hiding from people & getting water & encountered Jesus
  • Peter was finishing up his work for the day & when he met Jesus
  • Paul was busy working (well I hope chopping off heads wasn’t actually part of his job description) & met Jesus on the road
  • Mary & Martha were just cleaning the house. Maybe they weren’t cleaning, they could have been doing puzzles at home- I’m not sure, but they asked Jesus into their home in Luke 10.

As believers, we have been given marching orders. Our passion doesn’t have to be anything more than something we have been blessed with- either an ability or an interest- but it could be the perfect way to go our into the world & make disciples.

Go therefore & make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. Matthew 28:19-20




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