A Lesson On Why You Should Buy Organic Corn & A Corn Chowder Recipe|| Dairy-Free, Organic Corn, Non-GMO

We have a restaurant here in town that has really great corn chowder. It is velvety & has just a little kick from the spice. My husband gets it every time we go to dinner there. Years ago, in an attempt to recreate it, I came up with the original recipe for corn & potato chowder. It was very good. Creamy. Velvety. Sweet. A little spicy. All the things it should have been…but I used conventional creamed corn & dairy. 

Dairy Free Corn & Potato Chowder || Honey Flavored Lemonade

Why is conventional (non-organic) corn so bad? Conventional corn is one of the biggest GMO crops there is. A company named, Monsanto, has made it so that the corn most people eat isn’t actually food but a chemical concoction of what corn used to be. Here’s a little further GMO eduction for you…did you know that you can not paten food? You can not put a paten on something from nature, something that grows in nature (a plant, animal, etc). If you didn’t create it, you can’t paten it. BUT Monsanto has patented their corn crop/seeds. They have made it illegal for farmers to save seeds & replant the next year claiming paten infringement, meaning farmers have to purchase seeds every single growing season. So what makes this alien crop so different from the corn the good Lord created? RoundUp! Yes, RoundUp! That round up you use to kill weeds in your garden or weeds popping up along your walkway. This company has genetically engineered (GMO- genetically modified organism) the round up chemical into their corn to make their corn pest resistant. If you are looking for a first step into buying organic, buy the organic options for the major GMO crops/products (Non-GMO Project has great information to help). Oddly enough…when I did a search for the list of the GMO crops…Monosanto was the #1 result in the search bar. Hmmmmm! Please don’t fall for their propaganda or their commerical on tv, they are not what they appear to be. Ok….rant over…now onto the recipe. 

**If you would like more information on GMO crops & why they are so bad check out the Food Babe– Vani Hari. She has a ton of information on not just GMO but what is hiding in our food. I do caution you though to start slow, it can be incredibly overwhelming to begin looking into food & food production. If you want a better idea on where to start & just want to get your toes wet…watch Food, Inc. That is where I started. 

Ok….rant over…now onto the recipe. 

Organic Dairy Free Corn & Potato Chowder || Honey Flavored Lemonade

This recipe uses just a few ingredients (corn, potatoes, olive oil, & vegetable broth) & a couple of spices (salt, pepper, red pepper flakes, dill) & that is it. It is super simple. Only one pot & a food processor or blender get dirty. Perfect for a cool winter or fall night or that perfect rainy summer night that you just want something comforting. It is creamy, velvety, smooth, & super filling. I absolutely love this recipe. 

[yumprint-recipe id=’20’] I would love to hear your review on the chowder. Connect with me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or just leave a comment. I would love to hear from you. 



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