5 Women Who Are My Friends & Actually Know It

I thought last week’s post should be followed-up with a not-so-creeper post; so this week I would like to introduce or re-introduce you to 5 women who are my friends & actually know it. I think at some point in the history of this blog you have probably seen or read about each of these women. I love & value each of them for different reasons. Some I have known for many years & some are newer friends, but no less special to me. Shall we begin?

McKenna Hydrick


McKenna has appeared quite a few times here in the last few years for one reason… well two- I love this girl & I love her story. Ok, three…she is an amazingly brilliant & talented singer/song writer. McKenna is without a doubt the definition of a dream chaser. Many years ago she hung up her music hat to take care of 2 of her very sick little boys, but has made her way back in the last few years with a fire that burns so hot not even the fickle world of Nashville can put it out. If anything, I would say the city fueled it. About a month ago, she left Georgia with a lot of shows, an EP (you can get it on iTunes & her website), & a few singles on the radio under her belt, headed for her new home just outside of Nashville. I am beyond thrilled for her & her family because I know it has been a part of their dream for many years.

It has been such an amazing few years sitting along side her & dreaming about the places we were both hoping to go. Both of our dreams morphed as time went on & the dreams we had when our relationship started are not the dreams we have today. She was planning to write a cookbook (you can really get to know more about her lifestyle & even some of the food on her blog) & I was dreaming of something similar, but things happen when you surrender your dreams to God…big things happen. So if you’re ever in Nashville, make sure you catch a McKenna Hydrick show.


Erika Harmon


This woman. I can’t even begin to tell you my heart for Erika. She is an answer to my prayers in many ways. Erika came into my life through divine timing. I had been praying for a friend, someone I could connect with on a deeper level, more than just kids & life stage. I never expected God would give me so much in this friend. Erika & I have grown in God’s word, marriage, motherhood, leadership, teaching, ministry & even our writing together. Erika has served as my butt kicker many times & has genuinely encourages me in ways a friend never has before. This is probably a woman I cherish more than almost any other friend in my life.

Erika, herself, is a fantastic writer. She delivers the truth on her blog The Three Bees & Me. I cannot wait to see the direction God leads her in & the truth & passion that pour out when her maternity leave is over. She is honest & real & doesn’t mind stepping on toes if it means that someone gets the truth from God. Make sure you follow her on Instagram so you are one of the first to know when she is off maternity leave, you won’t regret that time spent reading her words.


Jessica Boylard


Jessica, like Erika, is a friend I prayed for. I have actually known Jessica for quite a few years, but it wasn’t until a couple of years ago that we started to build a friendship. I am not even sure how or why we started getting to know each other, but I do know she is another divine friend. She has been a blessing to me as I struggled through motherhood these last few years. One of the few people I knew would not only understand what I was struggling with, but wouldn’t judge me & let me tell you that is rare. I will never forget the day we sat at a coffee shop & she just let me spill my guts about the level of sadness & anger & guilt I was struggling with.

She has been such an encouragement in this writing & ministry journey because she, too, is a writer & speaker (you can even catch a few of her messages here). Jessica’s blog is very honest & sometimes very raw. You should absolutely take time & peruse through her blog. It will be hours well spent & you will feel like you walked away from coffee with a good friend.


Bethany Smith


I have known Bethany for about 10 years, but it wasn’t until I started taking her yoga class 4-5 years ago that we really started to get to know each other. Bethany has appeared on this blog a few times when it was a photography blog. I was really inspired by her story of how God healed her through yoga. Yes, you read that right. She really does have a fantastic story of how self-awareness & prayer can start the journey to healing. She is part hippie & part mom-next-next door. Her Instagram feed is full of inspiration, whether it is faithful inspiration or yoga inspiration. She digs into some deep issues on her posts & offers prayers for those around her.

Bethany is another one of my dream chaser friends. A few years ago she started her own yoga school & now teaches the teachers how to teach. While I don’t remember the answer verbatim, I asked her a few years ago why a school & not just a yoga studio & she said something to the effect of “that just wasn’t what I wanted to box myself in as”. She dreams of traveling the world & teaching yoga & the healing power of yoga & God everywhere she goes. Talk about not living in a box huh?


Brooke Merritt


I just met Brooke within the last 6 months. You may remember her from a few months ago on the first edition of Highly Caffinated over on Youtube. I knew there was something different about Brooke when I met her- You know when you meet someone & they are just refreshing? That was Brooke. I love Brooke’s Instagram account, The Mosaic Girl. She voices some struggles to get baby weight from #3 off in a real & honest way, but without beating herself up or tearing herself donw. When I sat down with her to do her Highly Caffeinated interview, I was not only surprised by her story, but by her candidness. Let me tell you, when you find a person who can be very open & honest with you & not be fearful of being judged, hang on to that person. That is so rare in this world. Brooke is chronicling her journey back to the stage on her Instagram account, but has also followed her desire to share her story on her blog, The Mosaic Girl. The blog is just an extension of her Instagram, so it is every bit as good.

So there you go. 5 women who actually know they are my friends. Who are your people? Share with me on the post over on Instagram, I would love to meet your people too.

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