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My personal Lara Casey PowersheetsWednesday I told you about these things called Powersheets & how they have made such a huge impact on my life in the few short weeks I have been using them. I am sure you are thinking they are as hokey as they sound


but I promise you, they are amazing. Lara Casey is the brain behind the Powersheets. On the surface they seem like goal setting worksheets (which the nerd in me loves) but at its deepest, they are a vehicle for God to breakthrough barriers that hold us back. Whether self-created or not. Personal, profession, or even spiritual. The first portion of the sheets is called the prep & you go through & peel back a layer at a time things that did & didn’t work, what you want to change, what you want to get rid of, & what you want to do better. I really could rave about these all day, but in the interest of time I won’t.

One of the things that does work for me (I even wrote it down on one of my sheets) is keeping it real or as my girl Jasmine Star says “KIR”. I am a pretty open book, so I thought I would open up my own personal Powersheets & give you a glimpse at what God taught me this past year & what I am working toward in the coming year.

my personal Lara Casey Powersheets

One of the things I had to do in the powersheets was pick a word for this year. My word for 2016 is Cultivate. That word is used a lot throughout the sheets & Lara uses it a lot in her personal blog. But, cultivate has come up again & again through out HFL. It is even in my HFL mission statement. I looked up the definition & it just seems to fitting for what I want this year & for this business: Improve & prepare by plowing & fertilizing. Grow/tend. Promote growth, encourage, foster. Aquire, develop, refine. Seems fitting for HFL right?! Well it is very fitting in this season of life also. It is even a big part of the theme this year for HFL: Cultivate Life. Cultivate Encouragement. Cultivate Accomplishment.

My personal Lara Casey Powersheets

On the page opposite of this one, you are prompted to write down the dry spots & the weeds in your life. I felt like a glaring dry spot for me was my focus on God, prayer, & his power. While 2015, contained a lot of highs spiritually & knowledge-wise for me, it contained quite a few lows also. I found myself at odds with God a lot in the last year. There were two main reasons for this: why was he allowing things to continue to happen despite being on my knees about it & why wasn’t he allowing other things to happen. In the grand scheme of things, the issues were “small” but I always tell people not to compare their struggles to the struggles others are facing & don’t diminish your struggle because someone else has it “worse”. So this year I want to cultivate my relationship with God & with prayer- by the definition my spiritual life will be improved, plowed, fertilized, grown, tended, encouraged, fostered, developed, & refined [the refining & plowing parts make me a tad nervous…].

My personal Lara Casey Powersheets

This was one of my favorite pages of the prep: What did & didn’t work [yes I realize it is not pin sharp focus, but that was intentional]. The left is things in 2015 that didn’t work & the right is things that did. So things that didn’t work: yelling, fear, worry, procrastination, fear of being wrong, waiting for something to happen instead of going after it, laziness, no exercise, crappy food, being in a hurry, perfection, completion, the right answer. But here’s what did work: GRACE, taking time for myself, connecting with people, God’s word, prayers, heart level writing, exercise, yoga, stretching, GOD, keeping it real.

So all in all. I am so encouaged for what is to come in 2016. I am a little nervous for some parts of the cultivation, but I think this is going to be one of the best years yet.

Marissa Dodgen of Honey Flavored Lemonade


Ps: Powersheets are sold out for this year, but if you follow Lara Casey or or her shop on IG you will get updates when the next set is released.

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