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Last year was my first year using Cultivate What Matters Powersheets. I have always been a goal setter, but these took it up a notch. Goal setting can be overwhelming at first & end up being disappointing, but this goal setting month-to-month plan helps break it down to attainable, actionable steps on a monthly, weekly, & daily basis to actually make your goals happen. Unfortunately the Powersheets are currently sold out, but you can still get a jump by reading Lara Casey’s book Make It Happen & reading goal setting series on the blog. She has also turned that series into a podcast, so if listening is more your thing, she has you covered there too.

Ok…enough about products, let’s dig into my goals for this year; but quickly before I do let me quickly share with you my word of the year. Last year my word was Cultivate. It fit the stage in life & business I was in. It was motivating & convicting & was just what I needed to do in habit, relationships, & work. Since putting in the work last year, I feel like rather than a season of cultivating, I am in a place of harvest. But there’s the thing about harvest… sometimes it is so abundant that you need to give away. I have friends that grow (cultivate) a garden & end up with more cucumbers than they could ever use, so they give them away- let go you could say.

That is where I feel I am, in a place of letting go. That lent well to my word of the year being SIMPLIFY. Just make things simpler, so you will see that as we go through my goals. Everything has this obvious or underlying theme of simplicity. But simplify is the verb form of that & I like verbs. Verbs are action words, so they naturally create action– movement. So, onto my goals:

  1. Read 24 books: This may not sound like much but for a work-a- home mom of 2 young kids, 2 books a month (started & finished) can be challenging; but I really believe you can’t be a good writer if you are not a good reader. So taking a hint from bullet journaling, I drew this page on a blank page in my power sheets. I write down book I want to read & then once I finish, I will color that book in. There are 24 spaces at this moment, but I hope to add another row come the end of the year. So I guess it is 24+ books this year. 
  2. Cleaner, calmer, cozier home that brings life, peace, & comfort to my family: What person wouldn’t want this?! It’s a great goal, but what I’ve learned about goal setting is that the why & how are just as, if not more, important than the goal itself. So here’s how I am going to make it happen
    • Read The Life Giving Home (it is up next after The Magnolia Story)
    • Keep common areas cleaner, especially the kitchen & bathrooms
    • Simplify the stuff- declutter, donate or toss.
    • Don’t pick up hobbies that require stuff to do it (that meant saying goodbye to my beloved planning hobby)
    • Clean out closets
    • Repair, paint, & spruce up inside & outside of house
  3. Get into shape & establish consistent workout/activity habits: I am willing to bet almost everyone has something related to this in their goals this year. But for me it has nothing to do with weight. I have been dealing with some pretty incapacitating back & neck issues this year. A few months ago, I went to bed with my back hurting pretty bad, a heating pad & medicine were barely even touching the pain. Around midnight, I woke up in so much pain I could barely move. I could move my legs, but I legit couldn’t move anything that involved my back. Once I was standing I was ok but I had to move super slow. I was up for the next 4 hours trying to stretch away the pain. Eventually I was comfortable enough to get back in bed & woke up really sore & still having mobility issues. It was super scary. So for me this year, it is more about getting healthy & in good physical condition…screw the scale (which is easy considering we don’t even own one). I don’t give a rat’s butt what the scale says, I just want to feel good & be able to move & run & do all the things without fear of hurting myself. 
  4. Get back to more real food based & holistic living: This doesn’t really go along with #3, because this is all about health. If you follow me on IG or FB you may have seen that our family has been beat over the head health wise the last 2 months &…I…AM…DONE!!!! I have wavered from my crunchy ways & it has not served me or my family well. 
  5. Get back to more consistent prayer life- a digging deep, prayer with purpose, prayer life: I let back to school, the holidays, & the rush of September-December derail my prayer life. I still prayed & if I told you I was praying, I was, but something changed. Prayer wasn’t as passionate or powerful. I wasn’t hearing like I had. I have allowed the rush & noise of the world get in the way. I already started this by picking up Val Marie Paper’s prayer journal Fresh Start. Up next is to go back to my old way of prayer journaling & doing a few studies on prayer to see what God’s word has to say about prayer. 
  6. Consistent, deep bible study: Again, coupled with the last one my study has fallen off. It is really easy for me to be distracted when I have to study inside. I can’t shut the world out like I need to. Plus it is dark when I wake up so it makes it hard to go outside & do my study. I always study better outside in God’s creation. I still haven’t quite figured out how to solve this issues, but maybe it lies in #5…..
  7. Grow HFL a mile deep & an inch wide: I keep saying HFL needs to be oak tree deep. A big umbrella, rooted by a strong, deep system. You can read more about this specifically on Wednesday’s blog
  8. Stronger, more intentional connection with family: It can be so easy to take your family for granted & do all the things, knowing they will be there when you are done. But that is a recipe for disaster if you ask me. My husband & I have both seen that our son is coming to a place in his life where he really needs us on a different level. He needs to know he is loved & valued & respected. This is absolutely going to be a work in progress but for now I am starting by spending one-on-one time with my son, speaking softer, trying to understand & learn their hearts more, cultivating (there’s that word again) love & confidence in my son’s heart, & of course more dates with my big, bearded man. 
  9. Connect deeper with those in my life: Life is all about connection & I have learned so much this last year about community & how important it is. But it isn’t just my personal, face-to-face community that I want to connect deeper with; It’s the HFL community too. A few of the ways I am planning to tackle this is more consistent face-to-face time with my physical/personal community. But also for HFL it is no more what I call “like and scroll” stuff- if I have time to hit that heart…I have time to drop a comment (sometimes I won’t though, but that will only be because I have no words, I just love it), that will also be in more #hflKIR (HFL keep it real) & #frontporchtruths things- community & connection are built on honesty. Lastly, I mean who doesn’t like a handwritten note?!
  10. Last one- Get rid of extra & not necessary anything that doesn’t add to life: This kind of goes along with #2. Just get rid of the excess. I plan to read a few books this year on a more minimalistic lifestyle, but for now here are a few of the starting steps from my power sheets:
    • Clean out house of unused stuff
    • Get rid of torn, ripped, stained, faded, & lumpy
    • Pair down book collection & take to 2nd & Charles
    • All areas: stuff/things, clothes, possessions, toys, dinners, snacks
    • Less check card swipes
    • Read Simplify Series on Emily Ley’s blog

So that’s it…those are a run though of my goals for this year. What about you? What are your goals? We would love to hear your goals so we can help keep you accountable on your goals & hopes for 2017. Comment on our post from this blog so we can help you.



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