Monthly Archives: March 2016

…before dawn

I am not a morning person. My 4-year-old could probably tell you that; yet here I sit at 5:45, after having been awake for over an hour, writing to you, dear reader. I want to say this is a rarity, but if I were completely honest, I feel like this might become more frequent. I […]

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HFL Shop- Prayer Journal

Yesterday, the HFL Shop launched. Included in the launch was the first look at the HFL Prayer Journal. So what’s this thing all about? Well, it was inspired by the way I had started praying over the summer. Every morning when I would sit down to do bible study, I would write my prayers down. […]

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Sneak Peek at Shop Products

I like to surprise people. I also like surprises, but in general I can’t stand the suspense of surprise, whether it is being surprised or doing the surprising. Just ask my husband; I rarely make it to the date of scheduled surprise (i.e.. Christmas, birthdays, etc). But, I realize a lot of people aren’t like me & most […]

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