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School Lunches || Real Food, Preschool & Toddler Lunches

My kids just started pre-school/MDO this week, so that means it is the first time I am packing two full lunches for two kids- sidebar: I have to get our timing down better because we have been late every day this week.  The challenge, other than food allergies, to contend with is that the little […]

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Today Is The Day

I have been waiting for this day all summer…both of my kids are in school (one started 3k Monday & my littlest started MDO today). I am so excited- as every mom understands- but my excitement is also for something different. Today is the day I finally get to really settle into this whole writing […]

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Blending A Blog…Wait…What?! || Blogging for Bloggers & Writers

I have talked a few times about the process of this blog (here & here) evolving into what it is meant to be. Blogging is an ever-changing process, because blogging is intensely personal to the person writing it. For me those intensely personal things are food as related to food allergies, toxicity as related to respiratory […]

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