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Our diaper experience: Honest Company diapers & pull-ups

Both of my kids have sensitive skin. Like crazy sensitive skin. I have rubbed a popular, conventional brand lotion on my daughter twice in her life (she is 1). Both times, she has broken out in a rash within minutes of putting the lotion on. The first time a month or so after she was born. […]

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Baby/Toddler Lunches ||Easy, Fresh Toddler Lunch

I was the mom that made my son’s food, so when my daughter was born it was no different….with one exception. She is almost allergen free. She does get cow’s milk & wheat (but she doesn’t get that too often). She is all organic with very few exceptions & I have tried to limit her top 8 […]

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Easy lunch || Kid Lunches Series

It is hard to pack for lunch & keep it interesting, regardless of who it is for. Kids, especially young kids, can be a little more of a challenge. Throw food allergies into the mix & good grief….it’s enough to cause you to go gray. With that in mind, I wanted to start a series to give […]

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